Heart for the House 2022

Can you remember a time in your life when you were the new person? The new kid in school, the new employee on the job? One of the hardest moments on that first day is the lunch hour. Who will you sit with? Will there be a place for you there? The place you’re anxious about isn’t an empty chair. It’s a relational place - where you feel you can belong and make a meaningful contribution, a place where you are accepted for who you are.

Jesus is building his church to be this kind of place. Not a physical space, but a place for relationship. The church is not a building or a location. It consists of the network of friendships that are growing within it.  

What makes a house a home is not its location or size. It’s the caring relationships that happen there. In this sense, a small cottage where we find loving acceptance is more of a home than a mansion full of broken relationships.

And so, this year Faith Family Church says to everyone, no matter who they are:
There’s a place for you.
We say this to those who are following Christ, to those who are far from him, and to everyone in between.
No matter where you are in your journey, there’s a place for you in this network of loving friendships.
You can find a place to belong.

Let's think about how we can inspire one another to follow Jesus in love and good deeds. Let's not give up connecting with God's people, as some are in the habit of doing. Let's keep meeting together so that we can encourage others in their spiritual journey and be encouraged in our own.

Hebrews 10:24-25 (Paraphrase)


Serving others with our energies and abilities is one of the most rewarding opportunities we can experience. Jesus said, “It’s more blessed to give than to receive.” And this is true for the time and energy we give to serve others.
We want everyone at FFC, wherever they are on their journey, to find this kind of opportunity, a place of serving. There are so many avenues to help others at FFC. Whatever your time, ability, experience, or expertise, we will help you find your place in what God is doing here. 

We have different gifts, but as we work together, we can become one body.


The religious leaders were horrified! There was the Rabbi Jesus, greeting tax collectors and “sinners” at the door of the house. He smiled at them with warmth and welcome, and invited them in. Didn’t he know who and what they were? Then it got worse. He showed them their seats at the dinner table and began eating with them. This was just too much. “A drunkard and a glutton” they said of him, “a friend of ‘sinners’ and tax collectors.”
Jesus, a friend of sinners. They didn’t know how true their statement was.
“Jesus didn’t just tolerate such people. He wasn’t condescending toward them. In fact, he gave the impression that he liked their company by enjoying a meal with them. Jesus didn’t condemn them.  Instead, he encouraged them to feel at home with him.”

Hard Sayings of the Bible
 When Jesus shared a meal with them, he gave them a sense of belonging, even before they decided to follow him.
What if this were a paradigm for the (our) church? If Jesus is a friend of sinners, shouldn’t the church he leads also be the same?
F.O.S. Church
We want FFC to be a “Friend of Sinners” congregation that says to people who aren’t yet following Christ, “There’s a place for you here. We want you to feel at home with us.” A group of Christ followers that has the grace and patience to accept people on their spiritual journey for as long as it takes for them to believe.  

A church where people can belong before they believe.
Belong before you believe. For some, this seems backwards. Shouldn’t believing come before belonging? In many cases, yes. But often it doesn’t happen in this order. By eating with people who weren’t yet his followers, Jesus was saying to them “There’s a place for you.” He made room for them, made them feel at home with him before they believed.  
We see this pattern elsewhere in scripture.
- Foreigners lived among God’s people and offered sacrifices to the God of Israel. (Numbers 15:14-15)
- Gentile “God fearers” regularly participated in synagogue meetings. They weren’t Jewish. But they were curious. (Luke 7:4-5)
- There was a “place for inquirers” in the early church that made room for spiritually curious to have a sense of belonging. (1 Cor. 14:17)
A church that is a “friend of sinners” makes room for people to belong before they believe. That sense of welcome, of being at home, is one way God can guide people in their spiritual journey toward Jesus.


Individuals share their personal experiences about finding a place to belong at Faith Family.


At Faith Family Church, we want everyone to find a place, and to understand their next steps toward that place. With that in mind, we have created a new role on our team: Next Step Coordinator.  

This leader will help us find the place God has for us at FFC – whether that’s a Connect Group or an opportunity to serve; whether that’s introductory classes (gatherings, groups) or pastoral care.

We say to everyone, no matter where they are on the spiritual journey:

There's a place for you!


Debt Reduction

Children and young people are a top priority at FFC. That’s why we invested in a beautiful facility just for them. Every week, Main Street (our children’s area) and the Zone (youth area) are filled with young people getting to know each other and learning about Jesus. It’s our goal to pay off the mortgage on that facility as soon as we can.  
Through Heart for the House giving, God has enabled us to reduce the principal on that loan by over $1.2 million.

We are trusting God to enable us to pay it all the way off, as each of us prays and hears from the Lord what he wants to do through us to meet that goal. Your giving makes a difference.


This year we are going to focus on the hurting in our own community through three Compassion Projects.


The Restore Network is a community of God's people recruiting and supporting foster families while advocating for a better system for kids. This ministry is working to change the culture of foster care so every child experiences healing.

Through Heart for the House,  we're going to partner with these fine people as they carry out religion that God accepts as pure and faultless - by helping kids in need and giving them a place to belong.

Heart for the House will be helping with two particular initiatives
Youth Initiative Family Support 
Rapid Response

Restore Youth Initiative Family Support
This is a brand new initiative at Restore.  Nearly one-third of children in foster care are 11-years or older. Through Heart for the House, Restore Network will provide support to families who foster older youth. This includes giving these youth an opportunity to take music lessons, play sports, get a gym membership, go to prom and other things that help restore some sense of dignity to kids who have heard "No" for so much of their life.

Rapid Response Initiative
Restore Network has a team who leap into action every time a child, of any age, is placed in a Restore Network home.  Through the simple task of shopping for new clothes, pajamas, shoes and other necessities, children - who often come into care with just the clothes on their back - feel secure, welcomed and loved.

Foster families provide a critically needed service and we want to help them say to kids in crisis,
There's a place for you with us!


Providing summer lunches for under-resourced students at Shiloh’s Whiteside School.


Every year Kids for Christ donates brand new back packs filled with supplies for under-resourced kids returning to school.     


Here are three easy steps to help determine your faith commitment.


Ask God to show you what part he wants you to play in this vision. This is the first and most important step in preparing your hearts. Ask God what he wants you to give. Ask him to show you creative ways to give the amount he is indicating.


Let God move you beyond what is easy or comfortable. Let him stretch your faith. We can’t all give the same amount, but we can all make an equal sacrifice. Have an open heart to hear what sacrifice God wants you to make.


We serve an awesome God. So trust that he will provide what he tells you to give, even if it’s greater than the resources you can readily identify or expect. Leave room for God to move powerfully for you this year.

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